Sports Complex

On the lower ground floor of the Siberia Business Centre the visitors can find a modern sports complex which works 24 hours a day.

The sports complex offers full range of services and facilities for healthy activity, good mood and vitality maintaining.

The sports complex includes:

  • A spacious gym;
  • Sauna with large pool;
  • Powerdom vertical sunbed;
  • Phyto barrel;
  • Proactive mini sauna;
  • Nuga-Best massage bed;
  • Table tennis and billiards;
  • Massage and beauty salon.

The gym has all the necessary training equipment. Professional trainer will develop a training program or an individual diet for you.

You may relax and unwind from a busy day in a spacious sauna with a swimming pool. Here you may spend wonderful time either in a large group of friends or colleagues or with your family.

Tanning in tanning high-output sun booth will raise your vitality, add you extra energy, reduce stress and increase your working efficiency.

Visit our phyto barrels and you will get unique easiness and release/relieve the body from harmful toxins.

Nuga-Best - the professional therapeutic massage - combines various methods of health improvement: reflex and therapeutic manipulations, manual therapy, physiotherapy with heat radiation, low-frequency myostimulation.

We hope that the sports complex of the Siberia Centre will help you to prescind from the working anxiety, have a good rest and get fit.

For more detailed information please call: +7 391 298-91-91