Big meeting room

The big meeting room is represented as a round table conference room which can comfortably hold 50 participants around the table. Additional chairs are placed to increase the number of participants in the room up to 90 persons.

The peculiarity of the room is the most modern technical equipment for negotiations and voting.

It is also equipped with a separate room for standing receptions and coffee breaks.


  • Round table, 50 chairs at the table, 40-50 chairs on the perimeter;
  • Magnetic board, markerboard;
  • 4 plasma screens over the table;
  • Computer;
  • Conference system (50 microphones, 2 language support);
  • Climate control system.

The hall is located on the 1st floor (left wing) of the Siberia Business Centre. Its area is 147.8  square meters. 

Booking contact information: +7 391 298-90-58, +7 391 298-90-52.


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