Amphitheater-type conference hall

Amphitheater-type conference hall is an excellent ground for conducting large-scale events. 235 chairs for the participants are placed on the semicircle amphitheater principle. The stage arranged on a raised platform allows the audience to see what is happening on it from any position of the hall.

Seating capacity will ensure optimum performance during a press conference, suggesting the presence of representatives of several TV channels.


  • Conference system (5 microphones);
  • The microphone at the tribune and 2 wireless microphones;
  • Computer;
  • Multimedia projector;
  • Screen above the stage (mechanized);
  • Screen for the presidium table (plasma display);
  • Climate control system.

The hall is located on the 2nd floor (left wing) of the Siberia Business Centre. Its area is 236.6  square meters.

Booking contact information: +7 391 298-90-58, +7 391 298-90-52.

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